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OnlineClassNotes – What are the pair of pairs of conjugate acid – acid and base pairs. OnlineClassNotes – How do you identify the pair of conjugate – acid-base pairs. OnlineClassNotes – I have to identify the conjugate – -acid-base -pairs. For your You get a 4 points for all 4 questions correct. Here is the final score: 4 points for getting all four questions correct0 points for any incorrect answers. After the exam ends, the teacher gives out the answers and grade. This is an online exam, but the results can be verified by phone or in person. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to post. You take the exam at a local libraryIf you wish to take the exam in person, you can either:1. Conjugate acidFor all three of these locations you have to register, but for the last one, just click on the button labeled go to location to get to it. In both cases, your registration does not guarantee that you will actually get to take the exam, and the location you select will be randomized each time. For location number two, you have to go to one of the sections on the left side of the screen, click on lecture and scroll down to Conjugate Acid-Base Pairs.

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