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The Democrats have been making a comeback againt the Gang, a new freedoms are sought. You are now a Republican and youre ready to win over the New States. A new generation has just been born in the 120s. Gang members who have not yet joined the New States should leave immediately. As the future leader of the Republican Party, you will lead the gang to victory against the New Gang. You are the greatest of the Gang LeaderWith your party in disarray, with the most successful president in decades no longer in power and with the Gangs leadership in disarray, its time to have a New Generation of leaders. You could go with your original idea of creating a new race of leaders, you could go with your original idea of having a new race of leaders. There are more than enough races of people in the world, and you dont even think about it. You need to be the Gangs leaderYou need to be the Gangs leader. You have the skills and abilities to lead the Gang for the foreseeable future, you have the desire to be the strongest gang in the world, and you have the ability to do it. You decide to lead the Gang from behind the scenes, you work from there. You have no need to be in the public eye, you will continue leading the Gang from behind the scenes. But the Gang is watching, the Gang wants to know what youre up to. You will continue to act as a leader in the shadowsBy continuing as you have been, you will continue to act as the leader in the shadows. You have had a lot of experience under your belt and youve seen the new and the old. You are the newest member and leader of the worlds strongest gang. You just need to pick up the pieces of the old Gang. Having made a complete mess of your old mansion, you.

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