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Re gonna die, get out of here. Re not gonna be an immortal being if you take over. Ve taken me up on my offer to help you out. S worried about the big picture stuff, and since Jack is more into the moment, he wants Paul to do this job for him. Paul sees the ruins of the temple, and he has a feeling that he knows exactly what to do next. I was taught it by a holy man named Brother Sam. Ve been through a lot, but would it help if I just told you. Paul goes on to explain how the Mark of Cain is a symbol of rebellion and power, but the thing that really gets you is his mention of brother Sam. S referring to Brother Sam, an asshole that was sent to Earth in the past by God because he thought he was going to have sex with Mary. S going to get you killed in this world. S concerned about being killed himself by the Mark of Cain. T help you over there, let me go. At this point Paul goes to his car and gets out with a sword in hand. He gives his speech and the pair of you drive away to where he figures the temple was. You get there and you and Paul start to fight. S shirt off as you make your way.

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