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You dont registerYou dont even know what to say. You registerYour registration with the Company, now the world, begins. Re registered with the Company, now the world, begins. Youre not surprised to see a girl, about your age, walking towards you from the back door. Shes dressed in a business suit, and has a small black notebook with her. Ve come in they always said me and my date would have to take the company car to your offices, so maybe you could help. Her outfit, though sensible, is in fact the complete opposite of what the Company normally allows. Re being completely honest with yourself, so are you. S all just been a big mistake. The girl continues to look at you with a neutral expression. T suppose any of those dresses that come with your package do anything for you. S just as I said, the company uses the clothes as an indication of attractiveness when selecting workers for the office. They just in charge of what the clothes look like.

Article about Companies