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You shake your head at him and then sit at the table, not doing anything. You standYou look at Leonard and nod slowly while you hold out your hand. You shake his handLeonard doesnt even acknowledge your presence, he just holds out his hand and it takes every ounce of will to not grab it. Leonard seems to be really trying to hide his disappointment by not smiling or saying anything. You say and leave, but he still doesnt say anything after you leave. You can tell by his demeanor he really wants to know what you want to know. You return Leonards teaYou return Leonards tea. It doesnt taste half bad, but its clear this tea wasnt produced by a high quality manufacturing company. Dont you think we should do something to improve things. That thing you and your buddy tried to steal from us. We dont need to try stealing from you to improve things, we could try to get into the drug business instead, thats not exactly uncommon in our neighborhood. Leonard looks like hes about to be even angrier. Were not fucking pushers, were not drug addicts. Maybe if we got into the fucking business, we could get rich, maybe we could even live in nice houses, but we aint fucking dealers, that aint our raison detre. Were not thieves or even pickpockets, fuck that. You think Im just fucking around for my own enjoyment.

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