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ORIGINThe term communication is a little vague and I personally prefer relation but I will accept it. My sister told me this story once. About two or three years ago, she was taking a walk somewhere with some friends. She was talking about them to us a bit when one of the friends stopped her to ask about how she felt about a particular man. What did she mean she used to know him all her life. And who were you before he was your friend. Ll believe it if you say you used to hang out with him. She was the girl you used to hang out with all the time on your way to the forest. I told you it was just something that occurred to me that day. Ve always been very secretive with you, but I guess now I feel like I really need to do something about it. D most likely lose my social standing. T talk to her very much and she felt like you were trying to manipulate her, which she vehemently denied. She then told me that she stopped hanging out with you after that encounter. D like to at least keep a better watch on you.

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