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Communications classes often take place at least at in-demand interim levels. You look at the name, and with that thought, your entire world has changed. You continue with the courseYou look at the name again. You didnt realize there was such a thing as a communications degree at all. You begin your studies with a course on basic communication skills. In the course, you study the various methods of communication. While reading, you get questions posed to you on various different topics. One question, which comes from one of your professors, involves you communicating with somebody that you have never met, and what might you say that they would think you are interested in them. You do not know what you should say. A simple request to find out what they are doing, or would you say something more emotional, something that might be a bit more serious. You think about this, and the thought of what to say, causes you excitement. This, was something that you wanted to do ever since you knew you were gay. You start to feel like the professor, who said, One day, you will do this thing that you have always wanted to do, and you know when. This idea, was something you would do if you knew there was someone interested, who was as good to you as you were to them. You do not want to let someone down, and that meant going through the whole process of getting to know them. You agree to the courseYou agree to the course, because you want to do it. You do not want to lie about the fact that you are gay. You are not going to do anything else. The next evening, you arrive at the class starting at eight thirty or so. While you are in the lobby, a man approaches you and says Good Evening in a friendly voice and asks you your name. He then asks your to follow him, to his car. The man, who looks very young, and wearing a black hoodie, tells you to follow him to his car, and then into the car. Upon arriving at his car, he opens the door, before sitting in the front seat of the car, as he stares at you. I live a few miles away from where you live.

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