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You stop the radio, making sure that nobody is around to hear anything that was said. You then take out the tape recorder. You take a deep breath, then begin to tell the story you were just listening to to the doctor. You what happened and where you are nowYou have been separated from your group for quite sometime now. You still havent found out anything about where you are or even where you are supposed to be heading. You were about to give up when you suddenly feel something hit your back. You turn your head and look to your right and see a man pointing a gun the air towards you. He doesnt seem to be aiming at you though. You are still trying to process everything that just happened when you see a bright light. You grab the gun and blow him awayYou are hit by the mans round as you jump to your feet and try to reach for your firearm, and thats when you realize that isnt going to work. Then, you get a great feeling in your heart that tells you that you did the right thing. You turn around and run as quickly as you can while holding your gun for cover. Your aim is still good, but you have to admit, you are not used to shooting to kill. You turn around and see the man with the knife. You shoot your gun in his direction, but the round hits the wall and ricochets. The man seems more than a little surprised by your choice of weapon. He thinks as he gets his knife out and holds it up over you to his victim:You stagger from the pain as the man leaps for the other end of the room:SHIT. You scream and turn to run once again, this time towards the door while still holding your gun. But now, he is faster and with what seems like his own killer instinct, he is already closing the door on you. You attempt to swing the door open after you hear your gun clinking against the floor behind you, but he has already closed the door. You try to get out the windowYou run for the window, hoping that he wont follow you there, He didnt really seem like he was intent on that but it hasnt stopped raining, so it seems like he might. You keep running and finally you reach a balcony that opens up to the outside, but at this distance you dont see very much. You do see a little boy, maybe 7 or 8 years old, crawling all over the ground on the balcony you are standing on. You have to admit, you want to run over to him and give him some of your breath, you just.

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