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The Commercial Revolution was an extraordinary time period for Europes economies. The Commercial Revolution was a period of great growth in European economies. GreatExperiment, Quote from: TheRedViperIf you are indeed a member of the Merchant Federation then wouldnt you have an interest in their continued existence. Quote from: TheRealLurkWhat would you be willing to offer up in exchange for a position with the Merchant Federation. For example, I have a very small business that does not compete with the Federation that would make a good candidate for a position with the Merchants Federation. Would I be able to offer you a position under this arrangement as well. For example, I may get flak for this I offer to sell you 3d printers. The Federation would like to make them more widely available because the ability to print things that didnt exist 10 years ago, like prosthetic limbs and a wide variety of other items they need to run their business. My offer to you is very low, I will pay you a nominal amount, and we will use the machine ourselves, but we can get something worthwhile if the machine is a big success. You then say you would like to know more about the position before making your decision. Of course, I have to warn you that your offer is contingent on whether or not you are a member of the Merchants Federation. Of course, all this could change after you say yes. You say noI have to tell you, the position you are offering would seem to be far more lucrative than what I do with my small business. If you are opposed to the Federation youll need to know why before you decide. Or are you just unwilling to get involved with a potential disagreement over a position. For example: You say I dont want the position so Im not interested You get the position, no problem. For more of my comments on this topic, see: For more questions related to the Merchant Federation, see: For more questions on the 3d printers, see: For more questions about the possible negative consequences, see: For more.

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