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Commanded economies will probably never contribute to creating a new industry. Commanded economic proposals require solving problems. You think about this for a moment and realize that youre pretty damn tired and you should get some rest. You tell everyone else to get some sleep and get some rest too. The rest of the week passes by pretty much quietly. You work on a few other projects in the laboratory, but theyre not quite as interesting or rewarding. No one notices that something weird is happening with the lab, but if you were smart, you would have told your people about it. A few of your experiments go wrong and youre having a hard time controlling them. You have to spend a lot of time fixing the problems. Finally, the week ends with the attack of the black helicopters. You hear them landing behind some trees off in the distance, then another bunch of jets start up from the surface. You and most of the other scientists are running frantically towards the shelter. Youre not as fast as many of your colleagues, but as far as you can tell youre still safe. You try to reach the elevator, but theres nobody up there. You call out to someone and get no answer. You know the shelter is probably still in operation. You dont know if theyre going to wait until you make it back to the surface and then fire upon you, or after youre inside the shelter and then open fire. You send in the team to the surfaceYou decide that you might as well send in the team to the surface. If the shelter is still in operation, they have to have some basic protection anyway, and if they dont, they might be able to get to the surface eventually. You try to contact the ground team, because you dont want to risk the others getting in trouble with your superior. You run out to the elevator and ring the intercom. Ive been trying to reach the ground, but Im afraid there is no one here at the moment. The other team must be in danger, but Im afraid I dont know when or where. Ill try to get a hold of someone down.

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