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You reply to the manager in his usual matter-of-fact manner as soon as you step on to the field: Im guessing that you know everything here and what youre going to be doing anyway. You dont exactly have the right tone but its still a little blunt. You stand near the back of the dugout and watch the players warm up before your team gets to the field. You get a little bored after 15 minutes when you watch a big black man with a long black goatee running around to the left side of the field as the entire team moves to their right side as the players on your team stop. The black man runs to the center of the field with a small black baseball bat in hand. The team on the right side of the field runs forward trying to block him, but the bat from the dark man moves so fast that he easily smashes a couple players with the ball. The players on the left side of the field stop and watch the black man run back to get the bat again, which he uses to smack the ball out to third. You look around and see that there arent too many people in the stands, but you see lots of police officers. You dont think you should stand out like a sore thumb in their eyes, so you tell the players on the left side of the field Were going to score. You get closer to the black-man and then turn to the other side of the field and speak again while pointing at the black-man. Im telling you, hes going to score. If you help us, we can get close to him and we can score a run. Youve told every detail you can think of to get the players to follow your lead for the moment youre all together. You see the black man and he isnt far, but it will take time. A couple of the players on the left side of the field are sitting down and looking depressed but you see the rest of the field. You see a gap in the defense and you dont think that theyve made a play yet so you tell the players to Go. And the players on the left side of the field run a couple of feet to the right. The black man runs to the end of the field and you can still hear the people cheering him. Then you hear something from the police on the sidelines. You also see the black mans arms and legs in front of him and the police are pointing them at you. You hear a few more shots and the black man runs towards the dugout. You see the police firing again and then you hear the.

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