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The first season of the new league was played with the league structure that is in place to this day. The Rossoneri were fielded at the bottom of the table with the fourth division Inter Milano. Milans league titles were achieved two years in succession when Raffaele Borgonovos sides finished 12th and 15th respectively. At this point there were four teams fighting for the final two championship positions in the top flight. The new season saw Milan take the field as a completely new side. They chose as an alternate player Marcello Lippi instead of Borgonovo. This change was to prove a success as Lippi would go on to score a record 12 goals in 13 league games. The first half of the season would see a second edition of the Grande Amalfitano in which Milan would win two more league titles and the Coppa Italia twice before finally winning the Cup Winners Cup for the first time. The Rossoneri then took off in the second half of the season scoring 49 goals in 33 games and finishing third in the table. After a two year absence, the Rosseri lifted their fifth Scudetto a year later. They continued to compete in the cup competitions including the Coppa Italia and the Intercontinental Cup reaching the semi-finals of the Intercontinental Cup for the third year in a row. The Rossettos were back and the League was back with some more changes than ever before. With the formation of a new team in the town of Bergamo called Reggio Calabria there was no longer any relegation in the first division and there had been a reduction in the number of points you needed for promotion. The old league structure was gone and there was only one league in Italy with the new system. The attacking style of play which was very fluid, with the ball played around the pitch from back to front or from front to back. It all had to do with getting the ball to the forwards quickly and then spreading the play out wide. The Rossoneri were the most successful team with a long string of success which included two European Cups, a Serie A title and a domestic double. The Rossoneri made the final of the Coppa Italia three times and the Intercontinental Cup thrice. They were the best team in Italy in the 1910s and in this century. He said Rossano was the name of the town in which the Ross.

Post about Milan fc