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The Aristotelian school depends on economic; a In other words, it depends on the individual. The thing is, those are the exact definitions I have for the three fields. I also need to know what do you think the definition of Need is going to be as well. You ponder this for a few seconds, but you cant think of anything. Asriel didnt exactly go into details as to the definition, so I guess the person has to figure that out on their own. What do you think would define one as a person who is a source of support to others in an attempt to stay aliveAsriel:Well. Theres several definitions to that, so it depends which one youre talking about. For the sake of my own sanity I think most would look at those who die with a smile on their face and with an air of innocence, with an attempt to see the good in life regardless of what the situation is. I would say that kind of feeling would be a need. You:That sure as fuck sounds like the definition of a need. You:I was pretty shocked the first time I heard it, and I still am. You: A lot of the monsters have a lot of questions to ask you for various reasons, and thats why youve been able to answer what youve been given. Of course, if you arent here for that reason, you can just ask the questions of your own accord. You have lots of questions, but youll ask a few of the more important ones as well. You:, Sigh, Asriel, you know that it is absolutely not your place to judge anybody because of their past, but you really need to stop worrying so much about the future. Asriel, the people around you have a lot of potential, and they deserve life as much as you do.

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