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Youre not getting paid to come here and talk to you about college football. You dont know anything about the sport other than what youve been exposed to. You know nothing about NCAA football except how to look at it on Gameday and how to use a computer to watch it on TV. This is a bad idea even for a weekend warrior and theres nothing wrong with that. Nobody is making any moves to get the fuck out of here, in fact everyone seems to be talking to each other. You cant find anyone to talk to here, except the people you just looked at. You watch the movie Gattaca in the theater, which you never thought youd see in your life. Its like a story about a future where humans are divided into five-year age groups instead of race. Its about a couple of people that want to alter their own genetics in order to be in a better position to live in the future, but they have to live in a government facility to do it. The ending to the movie was pretty bleak and depressing, but the ending to the movie showed that the humans are smarter and way more advanced than the movie seemed to imply. Its obvious that the movie was made to make a lot of money. When you come back, you find out that they arent finished with the movie yet. You sit alone in the movie theater room, watching the next movie, Cities, on a big screen TV. The screen shows a city skyline with a flying car, which the pilot is piloting. Suddenly, one of those advertisements that youve been getting come on television in the past ten or twenty years shows up. Something about The worlds favorite party, Which is really something that your dad says a lot and Life is a party. You dont even care that its advertising a movie. Youre just really tired, so you fall asleep.

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