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What a strange world it is, but theres something about this place we cant put our finger on and thats why were here. You dont need to hear itYou close your eyes and dont even open them again. You hear the familiar voice of your host and hes standing before you. You nod and he leads you from the room to an empty room. The room is very large and you sit in the center of a large, leather couch. His bright yellow dress shoes scrape against your legs. Now youre going to see the sights Ive been wanting to show you, he says as he slides off his shoes. He leads you through a series of halls filled with art and paintings. You pass a large painting of beautiful women holding hands. You pass a large painting of a man in a fancy suit sitting behind a desk with a stack of papers in front of him. At one point, you pass a room filled with candles, a man sits on a rocking chair and a woman is kissing another woman. Thats the next room, he says and turns to you. You see the next roomYou walk through the darkness and pass rooms filled with bookshelves and a desk filled with papers. The room is full of old books and papers and there are old, dusty books in the corner. You see a man reading one of the papers. You feel a strong urge to take the mans book but you dont. You have already read too many historical romance novels. You see an old desk with more papers on it. It looks like it might be where the host is going to be reading his own writings. On the side of the desk, you see a drawing of a man and a woman, which you wonder why the host has drawn something similar to himself. Finally, you see a room filled with bookshelves. There are several books at the top of the room and several more at the bottom. There are various styles of books and the owner of the bookcase is reading a book that reads Faulkners Memoirs. The woman turns to her husband and looks down at her book. You find yourself walking down another hallway. There are several doors to the left of you and you cant help but think one is for you to walk out.

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