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T be a professional writerblogger, or you can be a newbie, a personal computer newbie and create a blog for free, make a few free products and earn a little money. Hilfe provides a referral program that provides bonuses for people who refer new website owners and bloggers to get a percentage of their sales. Re just supposed to buy the products you get with the products you buy with the referral link. You look into it and see that they have a whole list of companies on their site and what they do, how much they make and all that kind of stuff. The first thing you do is to add one of these companies. You try calling it and nobody picks up so you just write it down, and then you write down the phone number and address and add it to your to do list. Re planning on adding and what you need to get them to join too. M going to start contacting all the other companies. You walk around to each house to determine the best way to approach each one. You figure that maybe one of the entrances is going to be easier than others. S a little larger then the rest and has a larger porch. Inside you see the big wooden front door. The door knob turns and you walk in, waiting for the person on the porch to open the door. Peter says and turns to go back inside his house.

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