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AncestralIt is important to note the following:, A B C D E F, This is a long chapter but I feel as though it is very importantand is definitely worth reading. If you can make it to the end and you are interested in looking at the source,go aheadit is very good. The World Health Organization just released its latest global report on cardiovascular health. It notes that the average adult in developed countries drinks about 1. 5 liters of water a day, with one glass of water containing about 300 milliliters. That means that if you drink a liter of water at home every day, youre drinking a full liter of water or almost 2,500 liters or 2,500 gallons. But if you live in a country with extreme poverty and no access to fresh water, youre drinking much, much less. The WHO writes that in the developing world, drinking water is consumed primarily as a potable source, with little.

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