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For Colquitt, Denver and Dustin, Sundays game is important. 1,124 When the Vikings and Chiefs meet, 25 of the pro balls teams are currently active. 1,124 And, for Dustin-, the Vikings game against the Chiefs is. You get the Colquitts book, its a pretty heavy book, and surprisingly, it isnt in the shape of a standard paperback, but the colour of a cloth. Its a very fancy looking cloth, though, which probably means its a copy made in a fine weave, and not a cheap, mass produced one, like youd expect to find. You try to flip through it, but are unable to. Instead, you start feeling a little dizzy, and collapse to the floor. As you try to get up, you notice a lot of blood in the floor, the carpet, and even in your mouth. You try to get up, but fall on your head again. You try to stand up, but fall on your head again. You try to sit on the side where you were lying, but you fall backwards onto the floor. After another couple seconds, you start to feel dizzy. The feeling you get is very much like being in a car wreck. Youre not even sure if its due to you having an accident, or being at a car wreck. Either way, you try to move about, only to feel like youre trying to turn and run away. Youre on the side of the road, looking down the road at a dark figure sitting in the passenger seat of a dark SUV. Its a mans voice, deep, rumbling, and sounding like its coming from a great distance. You swear you see another vehicle too, but you cant tell if its a car or another person. You try to find the keys to your cell phone, but theyre nowhere to be seen. At first, you cant tell what direction is north, or south. You realize your surroundings are moving too fast for you to discern much, let alone the direction of anything. You hear a deep, rumbling voice say to you.

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