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We cannot guarantee your hotel locations as the reservations are guaranteed. For all regarding your trip, we will hopeie-pie-oo. We cant even have a fun time in Colorado right. This place sucks dick, but thats just usYou know how some people just feel comfortable on the bottom of a bathtub. Fuck the shitty subways and fucking hotels, were in Colorado. If youre not having a good time at my cabin, youre not going. Fuck youIve already said Im not going to banish you to some shitty hotel to avoid your negativity. So, do you have any suggestions for Colorado. What Im trying to say is, youre not living up to your own expectations. Dont bullshit me, because if you do, well, youre not getting any nachos. You look around your home, which appears to be in shambles and in dire need of renovation and rearrangement. Youve gotten me riled up, now Im going to go take care of those ants. The cabin itself has been stripped bare; you can hear the hum of the generator. You can see a hole cut into the side of the house. You walk deeper into the woods, taking a detour to a nearby town. You pass by several police cars and firetrucks lining the street. You walk out of the woods and turn down another path. The cabin that you were in is gone, and you are heading back towards the highway. Youre just beginning to feel a sense of deja vu when you hear a noise in the trees on your left. The noise is a low, guttural cry, and you immediately know what it is. The thing that stalked you yesterday is back, and it looks just as big – if not larger – than yesterday. You look to your right and you see two familiar figures on a log, their backs turned to you. Youre about to turn and run, but both of them just stare you right in the eyes. The thing leaps forward, and your heart stops beating. Before your eyes, the creature makes contact.

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