Cleaning: Marie Kondo method – Netflix star’s jobs to clean your home before winter

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Marie Kondo has been a tidying consultant since she was just 19-years-old. She is a decluttering expert and has a hit Netflix series.

The Japanese expert, born in Tokyo, spoke with about how to tackle the autumn months.

Marie, 37, is all about cleaning out what you no longer need, to free up space and “spark joy” – her infamous catchphrase.

Her method involves gathering items into categories and giving or throwing away things that do not “spark joy”.

Each item is designated a certain area of the house, and pieces of clothing are folded in certain ways.

The first step of getting ready for autumn is clearing up after spring.

Marie recommends clearing through anything you no longer want after summer.

Marie told “Look at what you actually used this summer before you put it away for the season.

“Are you hanging on to bathing suits that haven’t fit in years?

“If so, then they probably don’t bring you joy anymore and are objects of the past that no longer serve you.”

So, a wardrobe clear-out is in order. This will make preparing for summer next year so much easier, as well as freeing up extra space.

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For those who have children, the same applies to their belongings, which may well have accumulated over the season.

Marie said: “If you have kids, look at their closet and see if they grew out of clothes that can’t be worn next year.

“Similarly, are you holding on to outdoor toys that your children have outgrown?

“If they no longer bring your family joy, think of the joy those toys could bring to a new generation of children by selling or donating.”

Consider donating these items to charity shops, so other children can enjoy them.

There is one more, simple job, which will clear out items soon to become clutter.

“Finally,” Marie said, “look at the expiration dates on items that will expire before next summer like sunblock and bug spray.

“Discard items that won’t be effective in a year.”

Marie’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – a best seller in Japan and Europe – was published in over 30 countries.

The Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, was released in 2019 and launched the tidying expert to prominence.

Another cleaning expert Lynsey Crombie gave readers her cleaning checklist for the garden before winter. 

She detailed how to clean a BBQ and your garden furniture.

Lynsey Crombie said: ” Cleaning the BBQ and gardening furniture is on my to-do list at this time of year because it’s still not freezing cold but I’ve stopped using the barbecue, and I know many Britons will be thinking about the same thing.

“BBQs can really build up burned meat and grime, so it’s the perfect time to give the BBQ a really good clean before I put it away.”

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