Clay Travis scolds ‘CNN’s village idiot’ Brian Stelter over liberal pundit’s latest thoughts on COVID

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OutKick founder Clay Travis scolded “CNN’s village idiot” Brian Stelter on Monday after the left-wing pundit broke rank with liberals and questioned if COVID-era school closures are actually harmful to children.  

“This is what those of us with functional brains were saying in May and June of 2020. Schools should have never shut down, school shutdowns were the biggest American public policy failure since Vietnam. Nice for CNN’s village idiot to finally catch up,” Travis tweeted.

Outkick founder Clay Travis scolded "CNN’s village idiot" Brian Stelter on Monday.
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During the course of the coronavirus pandemic, CNN has developed a reputation for promoting far-left ideology when it comes to lockdowns, mandates and other COVID-related measures. Because of CNN’s recent history, many critics were confused when Stelter, the network’s in-house media pundit who is typically in lockstep with management, declared that perhaps schools should remain open despite the rise in coronavirus cases and growing fear over the omicron variant. 

“The definition of cases is changing, with a highly transmissible variant. There are many, many, many cases, for example, here in New York City,” Stelter told viewers Sunday with a somber tone before pondering how the media should cover COVID going forward. 

“It feels to me like, in some media circles, this was the week where getting COVID became an inevitability. That there is this acceptance that everybody is going to get it eventually, tens of millions of Americans already have, and everybody else is going to at some point,” Stelter said. “Is that the proper approach? To accept that at some point you’ll be affected? Does it mean you’ll get sick? Does it mean you’ll suffer?”  

Stelter mixed in a quick jab at “red America” because at-home tests are still found on store shelves before continuing his rant. 

“We collectively took action to protect the elderly from COVID,” Stelter said. “Now, shouldn’t we be doing more to protect children by letting them live normal lives? … Are we really going to close schools again and let kids suffer even more?”

Many others took to Twitter to comment on Stelter. 

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