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T just the digital world that was becoming less and less appealing to you. The more you thought about it, the more you realized that there was nothing new to learn. You have been through this exercise before when you were a teenager. You had used to take the same courses and watch the same videos. T been paying attention or had just simply forgotten some of the basics. It was a pretty simple exercise really: go through a bunch of content. D learn it much better than anyone else. What would you like to learn better understanding more about the way your own brain works. You the brainNeuroplasticity is the idea that things we think, feel, and do can change as the result of our thoughts and actions. The concept goes way beyond brains to include genetics, your moods, diet, medical conditions, physical conditions, etcetera. You see some of the effects of how you think, feel, and act in real time as you read through the materials. Neuroplasticity is the notion that things we think, feel, and do can change as the result of our thoughts and actions. Brain plasticity explains how we can become a different person with one bad experience. You learn that your brain becomes plastic as a result of your experiences and how you think and act. You get to see how the brain responds to different situations, to different situations you could respond to in different ways. Ve seen the brain change to become one with the mind. You think about how if you think about something in a certain way, you create a different state of mind. Ve seen how the environment can change your mood. You see how your diet can transform your brain. You think about how stress impacts our mood. One of the big takeaways you learn is the concept of habit.

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