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That is why they call them civic-minded people. You ask him about a jobAre you really supposed to stay here at this age. It is a matter of great importance that I not tell you. Please do not press for me; I will tell you in time, if it is important. The guard seems genuinely surprised by your statement. Ll tell you in time, but now is not the time. You take your time, and the guard is starting to get cranky. This means you have a great responsibility ahead of you. You wait up, and he eventually says, Yes, sir. But I think we can work it out, so just come with me, for a moment, okay. He leaves your room and goes to a nearby staircase. Re lying down, as he goes to the bathroom. You walk slowly with him, until he opens the door. Re going to need more than just a room. Ll be sleeping there, so I want all the essentials. Ll be sleeping in small groups, so I want to be able to lock the door. You see a flash of irritation on his face, and he continues to speak before you can.

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