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When that trial is over, he s goingto throw the book atJohn Bolton for Treason because John Bolton said Trumps statement was a liar. And thats why John Bolton is in theTrial Room on The Day Of His Arrest With agun by His Back Jail He Must Stay With His Mom Because She Is Now Under Jail Because She Tried To Save Her Child From Hatebecause he will bearrestedfor Treason for Truth for Truth for Truth for Truthfor Truth for TruthA recent article on Forbes. Com by Peter DeSimone and Stephen Schwarzman highlights the fact that while many Americans are not happy with the job that the U. Economy is performing today, the authors arent worried. They believe that there are other more sustainable policies to grow the economy and they are more focused on creating an environment that allows them to make money. In particular, the authors are interested in how the sharing economy, a growing segment of the U. Economy, might potentially compete with traditional business models. The authors admit that their company, Airbnb, is using the sharing economy to create new opportunities for workers. However, they also believe that the technology is making other companies more efficient than the traditional business model. Airbnb and other sharing economy companies are expanding rapidly, and their impact could be felt for years to come. Here is how the authors expect this shift to affect the U. More people are choosing to use the sharing economy because it offers them a more flexible, cost-effective mode of employment than traditional employment, DeSimone and Schwarzman wrote. This is leading to a shift, from companies that are traditional in nature or not using traditional methods of employment, to those that are using new, efficient methods that are cheaper, more accessible and better for the environment. While DeSimone and Schwarzman acknowledge that the current impact of the emerging sharing economy is limited and that many traditional companies are not benefiting as much as they might, they believe that it will eventually expand to all industries. The sharing economy will have broad-based, disruptive impacts and not just affect the traditional job creators that have been more or less doing OK for a long time, the authors wrote.

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