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Chelsea remains at 10-3 on goal difference, Chelsea 2nd on home field this season.

You are currently winning against Burnley in a bitter defeated 1-1 draw at Palace. It seems that your style of play atredacted is working. You disagree with the analysisThe results of the match may be different if you were a better person, but those are facts. Chelsea had more possession, but Burnley still had several chances to equalize. I think it is safe to say that the way you were controlling the match was superior to theirs in your opinion. The only reason Chelsea isnt at the top of this list is because you have an extra game left to play, which means they still have the better points total at this point. The important thing to realize is that winning more games than your opponent is not a bad thing. Winning a game against them is a better thing. Winning a game by 2 goals is better than winning by something small like one goal. No matter what the score is, you want to keep a positive approach to your matches. You will be happy with a win, even if it isnt a convincing one. And youll be even happier when Chelsea wins the last game of the season. You continueThe game against Leicester City is more of a friendly than the one against Stoke City, the atmosphere is better, and you are the better manager as a result. Unfortunately, you are never going to be able to fully enjoy those experiences. The only reason you didnt go down in that pile of wood as a bad manager is because you made it to the end. No matter what your next move is, it is too late to avoid it as far as Chelsea is concerned. You will not go down in history as a manager who did not do what he had to do in order to keep his job, even when he had to take a risk to avoid losing it. You may have won two matches after your appointment, but nothing can erase everything. You will be remembered as an asshole, and your time at Chelsea will not be remembered as a pleasant one. You go to the press conference, where you are met by a reporter. Mourinho, you will not be able to go on forever. Im sorry, but a year isnt long enough. Ive played a lot of games since Ive been here. One of these days, Im going to win something. Im tired of it, I want to leave because of the way the club is run, not the number of games Ive played.

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