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You tell the truthWeve killed each other. No, weve killed the worldTheres no differenceWeve killed ourselvesIm a writerNo, youre a psychopathic killerIm a writerIm a writerYoure a writer You make up another lieBut Im a writerNo youre a novelistNo, youre a psychopathic killer, and were killing all of the survivorsWeve killed everyone else, because Im a writerYoure a novelistNo, Im a writer. You kill himYou have killed the man and his lie. You try to reason with himThis is a lie, let me tell you Im a writer, Im not killing the world, we have to come to an agreementI dont want to die a writerNo, youre a psychopathic killer, Im a novelist. No, youre a psychopathic killerLet me kill you, Ill save the worldNo, I want you to kill me, Im a novelist. I cant, I mean I want to live, I just cant kill you, I have to live, we have to liveFine, Im a psychopathic killer, but Ill save the worldFine, let me kill you, the world will be saferThe man turns in a white light, as a black void materializes below his feet. You help the black void escape the roomYou attempt to remove the mans chains, as you try to lift the entire room, to prevent the black void from escaping. You continueYou attempt to prevent the black void from escaping through your mind, as he attempts to lift you off of the floor, and prevent you from releasing him from your mind. You leave the roomYou grab your knife, and free yourself, as the black void attempts to escape your mind, but you are stronger than you think, as you throw the man against the wall. He tries to hit you with his knife, but you manage to.

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