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Ive had my own problems and Im not too sure how they compare to his. Balances problem then its pretty much done. Theres a pretty good chance that all of your nodes would support this new system, and that your node would be the only node that supports it, for the time being anyway. So far in my attempts to solve that problem Ive come up with a pretty simple one, and yet I would think that its possible that somebody can make a more complex one. If he can think of a simple and mathematically sound one then I would guess that its not going to be particularly difficult to find a good solution, especially if I have an understanding of what hes talking about. If you could send me a link to that solution that would be great since I would love to try it out. In a recent piece on the New York Posts Ask a Muslim blog, author M. Rosenberg asked, How does the American Muslim look. To which one correspondent answered, I look like Osama bin Laden. While Rosenberg was aghast at the notion of comparing Osama bin Laden to ordinary, everyday Americans, the same could not be said of the pieces author, a New York University law professor named John Esposito. In Espositos new book, the American Muslim, published by the conservative Regnery Publishing in February, Esposito is quite proud of the image he has painted of the American Muslim. The book is, among other things, an extended defense of the right to Islamophobia: The most important lesson of the American experience in the twentieth century is not that Muslims have been singled outthe very opposite has been truebut that the other was so often Muslim. Espositos book is notable for the way it frames Islam as a fundamentalist and violent religion, one that justifies terrorism, including terrorism against Americans. Esposito cites the work of John Esposito, a law professor at New York University, whose most recent work has been a book called The Muslim: A Portrait of Modern America. Espositos recent book is remarkable not only for its anti-Muslim bigotry and for its anti-Americanism but also for its anti-Americanism. It is extraordinary that the New York Times would invite a law professor to its pages, but at least the Times acknowledges what Esposito writes in his book. The Times description of Espositos work reads: On a recent episode of Oz, the television show, a character was named the Muslim.

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