Check your coins: These rare 50p and two pence pennies could be worth hundreds

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Collectible and rare coins are jumping up in price as people use less cash for daily purchases making uncommon coinage more sought-after.

People sometimes collect spare change for the 1p savings challenge or to go towards treats, but this spare change could be worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Printing errors and limited printings mean certain penny pieces or 50p coins can fetch a handsome price on eBay and other online marketplaces.

Britons searching through their coins should consider when they were created and when they were put into circulation, and if the coin is part of a series, which could also bump up its price.

After it was reported that two 50p coins had sold for £2,500, here are some of the most expensive rare coins currently on the market. All prices featured below were available at the time of writing.

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‘New pence’ 2p coin

This rare 2p from 1983 has a curious history, as all 2p coins struck between 1971 and 1981 featured the words ‘new pence’ on their reverse.

But then in 1983, there was a mistake with a small number of 2p coins struck with ‘new pence’ on the reverse making these particular copper coins very valuable.

Some pre-1983 new pence coins are on sale for over £500 on eBay while one 1983 erroneous coin is listed for £1,850.

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Jemima Puddle-Duck 50p coin

A treasure to Beatrix Potter fans, the Jemima Puddle-Duck coin was part of a Peter Rabbit series of coins to mark the 105h anniversary of the birth of the children’s author.

The Peter Rabbit coin had a much higher circulation while Jemima only had a circulation of 1.2 million meaning she fetches a much higher price.

Current prices online range from £10 to £19 while one seller on eBay is asking £325 for the rare coin.

Kew Gardens 50p coin

The original 2009 edition of this nature-themed coin is particularly sought after as it was reissued in 2019.

There were only 210,000 of the coins issued featuring the iconic Great Pagoda at the popular west London attraction.

One seller is asking £250 for the original 2009 edition although lower prices available include £5.99 and £7.99.

Offside rule explained 50p coin

This football-themed coin from the Olympics 2012 collection may be as difficult to find as the offside rule is to explain.

Just 1.1 million of the coins were put into circulation making it the rarest of the Olympic coins issued for the London 2012 Olympic games.

Several of the coins are on sale on eBay for more than £100 while one seller is asking for £400 for the rare 50p piece.

Sir Isaac Newton 50p coin

Among the more recently issued rare coins that collectors wantis the Sir Isaac Newton 50p, issued in 2017.

Collectors believe there are less than 210,000 of the coins in existence, which marked the 375th anniversary of the English polymath’s birth.

Prices online vary from £4 to £10 or to upwards of £100, with one seller hoping to get £2,000 for the astronomical coin.

This week it was reported that two extremely rare 50p coins were listed on eBay and sold for £2,500 after a bidding war.

Britons are urged to check their wallets and down their couches for any spare change as it could be worth a fortune.

The two coins listed were both made to commemorate the 2012 Olympic Games in London and were both marked with images of swimmers.

The coins have been verified as genuine by the Royal Mint, and graded by the NGC.

Both coins showed a swimmer with their face down in the water with their goggles on pushing through to the finish line.

One coin had wavy lines covering the swimmer’s face whilst the other didn’t. This design was what caused coin collectors into a frenzy as only 600 coins were ever produced with lines across the athlete’s face.

The design was later amended to show the face in full.

The seller said: ”The 2012 Olympic Games AQUATICS 50p coin is a genuine NGC MS66 graded ultra-rare piece. Selling a pair of these coins, one with the lines over the face, and the other is the replacement design with the lines removed.

“Both are in NGC capsules, and both are MS66 graded. Both are in mint, uncirculated condition.

“99 percent of all ‘lines over the face’ Aquatics coins are FAKES, especially on eBay. Both of these coins have been verified as genuine by the Royal Mint, and graded by the NGC.

“You can fully trust this listing, and check my 100 percent feedback, and be assured of getting a genuine piece. This is a great opportunity for collectors to add an ultra-rare and extremely valuable piece to their coin collection.”

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