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A CAR EXPERT has revealed a 'must buy accessory' that will make your old car feel just like a Tesla.

Most modern cars have CarPlay, a screen that enables you to use the functions of your Apple iPhone while driving.

But, now, old car drivers can also have this modern gadget thanks to a portable screen you can buy online.

TikTok user @carplaypr0 has shared one smart screen you can buy on Amazon for £99 and can install in your old car.

And he titled the video: 'Old cars deserve CarPlay too.'

The Car Play Pro allows you to access music, navigation and messages while driving- and you only have to connect it to your cigarette port.


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And drivers can connect their phone to the smart screen with the original cable to synchronize.

The TikTok user explained: "Car gadgets to make your old car feel like a Tesla.

"Don't worry is not a steering wheel cover. This right here is the car play pro – it plugs for your cigarette port, and then you pop on the dash.

"And there you have car play. It works on any car through Bluetooth.

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"That's how you get CarPlay without breaking the bank."

The video has had more than 2.4million views and TikTok – and commenters were blown away after watching the video.

Drivers were quick to comment on the video.

One said: "I want that screen, but my car is so old that the cigarette light is broken."

Another said: "I see this and still wonder why I see so many people on their phones driving. Just ask Siri. Lol."

A third pointed out: "That looks good."

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