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The only problem with these and most of the advice you receive is that theyre all based on Canadian women who dont understand much about the rest of the world. What about the Australian bushwomen that walk around in their underwear. What about all those women in the bikinis on the beaches of France and Italy. The list goes on and on, the problem is many of those women have had as many experiences in their lives as you have and probably have had more; they just cant relate. They just arent going to be able to appreciate your tips on how to enjoy the finer things. The best thing you can do is to show them that you are on the same level, that you think alike and that you are trying to preserve their countrys heritage. They will most likely want to show you their countrys heritage as well, after all it is something that has always brought us together. You tell them about the countrys history, then you say that you want to talk more about it, since you have a lot to learn as well. The next dayYou ask her what day it is and she tells you that its Tuesday. Which means its one of the busiest days of the week, you say. I can see that, since Ive been doing a lot of work lately, Ive not been sleeping. And youve been working on some of the better recipes you learned in this class. You smile, Yes, because there will be a special offer for the best recipes, as well as tips on how to cook them.

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