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Celebrity Cruise packages can easily fill your space. You can even have our new 2023 Celebrity Cruise ships board you as an extra luxury perk. You can have our premium Cruise packages. One day your ship starts to break down. You think you could hire a sailor. But nobody can understand how you can even need one, how you dont have a family, your clothes are not of a luxury standard. You are not even getting any more free gifts. The more you read, the more you see how dangerous the future is. You will have to live a high-class lifestyle and have the luxury of a yacht before the time comes. All that money you had to burn on this stupid, crazy cruise. Youll just have to make it worth it to live a high-class life. You decide to pay off the ship, and get the things you still need. The Grand FinaleYour ship sinks to the bottom of the ocean, and you are left there by yourself with no life-line. Years later, the boat is found by a ship passing by. You and the rest of the people you were on are rescued by the people who were trying to help you. You have a few questions now, and a sad one at that. You questionsWhy did you go to a high-class cruise. Why did you spend money on the luxury yacht. You questionsYou were bored on the cruise, you dont know why. The others were bored on the high-class cruise too.

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