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All cruises on our future projects begin with a free meal. And after dinner, we all watch a funny movie. At the end of the movie, we all watch a funny video. All cruises on our future projects begin with a free movie ticket. You will lose your pass12:20:00 At that moment, you suddenly hear a loud noise in the distance, followed by a second one. You dont hear anything else, though you notice something strange on your right side. Its a small one, and the door is closed, so you dont think anyone could get in through there. In other places on your body, the effects of those toxins are starting to show. Theres a dull pain in your arms, a burning pain in your legs, a pain up your chest that will not go down. At the same time, you also feel less tired than you did just now. You see one of the men standing in front of you. Its a man youve only just glimpsed a glimpse of in the brief moments when you were sleeping; only his skin color has changed from white to dark brown now. He has no hair at all now, and in its place there is a short beard. And now he makes his face very wrinkled, and he has a heavy-lidded, sunken, glazed expression. You tell him your name, and thank him for giving you this one more opportunity to prove you are still human. Thanks for freeing me from the cage; I guess Im just lucky that Im so pretty to be freed before the rest of the beasts. Well, now that I think about it, I dont see why I shouldnt be happy to have such a pretty monkey as a prisoner, given all the other monkeys in my cage. Im actually enjoying myself right now. Im a really good monkey at that; I was trained to be very, very good, and Ive made a lot of friends in there.

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