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No other company has such a classy shipyard and fleet of cruise ships. You Im Just Here To RelaxYou dont really have any choice, but you arent as enthusiastic about being the Celebrity Cruise Lines new BFF as you thought you might be. It doesnt really help that you can see how this all turned out for the worst. The more you worry about this, the more you start to feel like youre being used as some kind of pawn in the game of celebrity relationships and its starting to get to you. But you have to try to keep up on the latest celebrity gossip on how everyone on your ship is just dying to see you. You have to be up to date on everything because all you were told to expect was a fun cruise. And before you can even get to one of the VIP rooms, you are stopped from going in by a group of young men who are carrying hand guns. Hey, we got some more important things to do here. M certainly not doing anything to you. So you better get with the damn times. You start to turn around and run back down the stairs. Suddenly one of them fires a shot, hitting the back of your head. Re partially deaf from the hit to the back of the head and you briefly lose balance and fall on top of the other two men as they wrestle with you. T even able to put up a fight against one of them and one of them holds your neck. No sooner has it tightened its grip when another shot flies into your side and you feel a sharp pain go through your body. One of your captors looks down at you and you look over at your left side where you see a deep cut from the gunshot and a piece of glass still embedded in your back. S going to take you a long time to heal. You remain conscious enough to see that your captors leave the area before you regain consciousness. Ve been on this ship for over 2 hours. But you see a chance to escape when your captors are still out of.

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