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And you just have to know when to use ccue and echoe, and youll never have a problem again. And of course I cant forget the good old cue and echoe. Its an exciting time for cuing, and Im sure it will continue. The future is very bright indeed and I hope youll join me. The Trump administration has moved for first-term Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions nomination to be attorney general to the full Senate. A full Senate vote is expected Tuesday, and then a vote on confirmation from the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sessions will now have to overcome a Democrat filibuster to be confirmed. Trump wants to destroy the independent judiciary, overturning a dozen years of precedent on issues like womens rights, voting rights and religious freedom, said a senior Democratic aide. The aide said the party would try to block Sessions confirmation using every possible means. Sessions is a staunch supporter of the Trump administration, and has been named a top surrogate for the president. He has called the 2016 presidential campaign an excellent example of democracy at work. Follow Kerry on TwitterCats and dogs might be able to learn how to read speech but not humans, new research suggests. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon Universitys Robotics Institute, led by computer scientist Yichen Nie and engineer Svante Paabo, have used deep-learning techniques to teach a computer to understand human speech. The results show that computers are beginning to learn the basic principles of speech comprehension, though the researchers will need to develop techniques to help them learn more complex speech patterns and to develop new tools for training. Our work is consistent with the idea that in the future computers will be able to learn and use speech intelligently in a non-naturalistic way, Nie said. While naturalistic speech processing is possible using convolutional neural networks, neural networks with higher order features, such as word embeddings, have been less successful in achieving accurate decoding. Read about a similar feat by the MIT researchers on computer vision. A study by Nie and Paabo published last year revealed that the same technology used to train computers to understand speech could also be used to teach the software how to predict speech recognition errors and how to correct them. To train a convolutional neural network to recognize an image, you have to train it to recognize certain types of images, Nie said. When its asked to recognize speech, its not asking, What can you do with speech. Its asking what kind of speech can it do, and you must teach it how to recognize speech from various contexts.

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