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You dont read any moreYou dont bother reading any more. You return to the meeting room, where the others, including the new agent, are waiting. You tell them how the suspects were arrested, that you have to report back to the CCQ headquarters in Paris, and that you have to change out of your uniform. Were ready for you, Agent, the head agent says. You head back to your car, where you change out of your uniform. You take your gun from the boot, and leave the city. You are in the middle of nowhere, far from any roads or major towns. You drive for two full days, driving fast though there is no emergency on the road, so you must be getting close to where you need to go. Even so, you have no idea when youll finally arrive at the CCQ headquarters in Paris. You make a run for itYou decide to ditch the car at the next safe place you spot, and start walking as fast as you can. You are tired of pretending to be a hero, youve had enough. You begin to see the crowds and crowds of people, as you walk. At first, you think they are just your kind, in the crowds of people. You are going back, you think, to the village where you grew up. You turn, hoping it is not the agent behind you. But Agent G, we can do this, were professionals, were not going to need your help. You return to the villageYou return to the village, but the agent is gone. You walk over to his car, and see that the engine is completely destroyed, and parts of.

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