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You are given a computer and told it is time to build a paradise on earth. The first step is to go through the computers manual and find the instructions. The second step is to go through the manual again. The third step is to go through the manual again and to do it for every single computer that is going into the computer room. You are going back and forth three times. Somehow you feel like this is going some how to be over your head. Youre not going to let yourself get distracted, the computer room is a big place and you can get lost in there if you try hard enough. After your third trip through the manual and the computer room again you finally reach the manual for the computer. You can feel your spirits going down. But then you hear a little voice say Hey, its time for you to take a break. You stop and look around when you know what you must do. You just dont have time to get lost in this labyrinth. But then again, you need to be quiet. You really dont want to be talking to yourself. You stopYou need to concentrate, its very important this doesnt go wrong. You walk slowly towards the computer and when you get close enough the little voice says Hey, youre almost ready to go. You should be able to get it done in about half an hour by now. You turn towards the computer and think back to when you were in the computer room. The first thing that happened when you started work was that you heard a voice saying Oh yes. I knew it, youll be a very useful partner for my project. This will probably be the first time youve seen a computer room without any windows. The walls are completely black and you can see the computer room only from about a meter away. Said the little voice that was the computers user before you got there. You listenYou go into the computer room and open the door. There is a metal shelf with a bunch of old electronic components on it. I just found it during a tour of the computer room, I guess it was in the computer room when they.

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