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H1 C C C 0 You choose to get there. Besides, if youre going to be a criminal, why not be the best. You dont see anything like you were looking for in your immediate area so you head to the next closest intersection. Then, suddenly, you see something that youve never seen before. In fact, you see much more than you ever have before. The entire city is completely covered with traffic lights. And green lights mean that the lights have been green-flashed. Why would someone light up a bunch of traffic lights. You decide to go up to the next intersection to get to the lights. It occurs to you that theres a street where there are a lot of people heading to one place. You can also tell youve got many, many lights there. If you just want to cut across the city to get where youre going, you should probably try that intersection. Still, youre not going to be able to do it on foot. There are so many lights and people going in so many directions, you cant even use your horse on the street. Youll have to ride your trusty steed, car or bicycle. You hop off your horse, grab your backpack and pick out a good location in the nearby town where youll be able to ride around in the best light conditions. Thatll provide you with the best chance to get to the lights. You get on the streets and begin to slowly make your way through the town. You make your way back toward the convention center, which is in the distance, but youre getting worried that youre going to lose you way on your journey back through this town. This way of traveling through the city might be a lot faster, but it seems like youre going too fast to think of what youre doing, and youre losing your way, like youre lost in the dark woods. Still, youre not going to be able to get back to the convention center from where you started without having to go back to the next intersection, and if you keep on going up the street, youre going to get lost. Youll have to go back to the way you came, or youll have to go uphill and go around to go through the next cross street. You go back in the direction you came. The streets arent making much sense to you, and the lights look like theyre all in this direction. Youre so lost in your thoughts, you dont pay attention to.

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