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Cindy Bertuccio as Julie Duncan, Pritchetts daughter. Miguel-Angel Castillo as Peter Pritchett, Clouds, Jays son. Giancarlo Dicaprio as Peter Pritchett, Clouds, Jays son. Last edited by Zodiac on Thu 7:38 pm; edited 2 times in totalZodiacJoined: 02 Jan 2009Posts: 4647 on topicJoined: 02 Jan 2009Posts: 4647 on topic Posted: Thu, 8. Sarah Hyland in Modern Family, 2009, Listed here as an added bonusSigourney Weaver Sigourney gets some of her own screentime in the Family episode The Gang Sells Out and is even the one who says Papa must be home when she sees the Gang in danger. But I think shes best known for this scene from the classic 1960s TV series Mork and Mindy in which Mork has a temper tantrum when Mindy and his other child daughter are having a bath. Mindy: Shut up Mork youre doing it all wrong. Mork: No, Im telling you, this is a glorious day. Mindy: Im not getting in the tub with you. Mindy: Please, just let her be alone.

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