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On the plus side, you will get to kill two birds with one stone. You shake your head in dismay as you feel like you just witnessed the dumbest thing youd ever witnessed. Carlos is your immediate supervisor, hes the only one you have a relationship with, and he just tried to kill the only person in your life that would listen to you. There was no way you were going to allow him to continue. Carlos, hes my boss, the only one I have ANYTHING with. I know, but we cant have this going poorly. I mean, Im going to tell my bosses about this shit. We cant have our reputation sullied like this, he wouldnt hear anything I had to say, we dont have enough security. You cant fucking believe this dick is still leading this team, you have no fucking idea how you should respond to this revelation. You you cant take this anymore, you need to do something. Carlos comments to you earlier have put a certain edge to your behavior which you hadnt had in a while. Dont you fucking step out of line. NOW, Im going to go over here and kill this fucking asshole You say. Im going to kill your fucking supervisor. He looks at you in disbelief, then he makes a motion of sweeping his finger along his chest. You leave your office and head over to Carlos to his office. The moment you enter he speaksWhat exactly did you just say. He says as he points over to his heart. I know you would do any fucking thing it takes to get your guys back. Just like you do with the rest of your lies about me, okay. You can lie to me anymore, I wont even believe it. All of this shit with the football game was all a big lie and they were all too afraid to do anything about it. But you cant let that happen and since Carlos has the power to make something happen, youll just have to tell him everything that has been going on.

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