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Thanks for giving me an outlet to help pay for my college education and I cant thank you enough for all the laughs and games you provided over the years. The website was always a little offbeat and I will surely miss it. I hope this link is helpful to fellow Canuck fans who are thinking about making the move to Chicago. Best of luck to Carey Price in his new job. By the time he goes, well be in a Stanley Cup Final again. By the way, I still got that hat you got me for my birthday. When I was in the third grade, one of my teachers gave it to me as a graduation present. He looked at it and said You shouldve kept that hat. It was the first time I heard someone say to me You shouldve kept that hat. I guess they thought Id keep it forever. Ill always remember when you were the only guy on TV who could play an Air Canada Centre crowd to sleep. Posted on 01-10-2015, I cant believe I have to say this, but. Youve been a fan since when I was in kindergarten in the mid-70s. Posted on 01-08-2015, Thanks for all youve done. Im so glad youll be in a good position to take advantage of some of the money in the city. Posted on 01-07-2015, Good luck to you in your new position. Im sure many of us will enjoy seeing you in Chicago. By far the best fan thats been a part of the site. Posted on 01-03-2015, Wish you the very best in your new endeavors. And a BIG thank you to you for all your humour, wit and humourous nature. By the way, congrats on your new place and congrats on your promotion. Posted on 01-03-2015, We are all so proud of you.

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