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M not trying to say your species is a superior species. Re pretty sure you can come up with other species which would fit this description, but as it stands all you can come up with is the T-Cogs. The T-Cogs are apparently a race of mechanical beings with human-like brain functioning. The T-Cogs apparently have created other races of mechanical beings for their own amusement. Some of these races have had their own encounters with the T-Cogs, The T-Cogs have been making advances in technology in the past few years, apparently. Ve made is the creation of a sentient machine and a computer which it has managed to make talk. This artificial intelligence, or what would appear to be an AI, is known as the AI-1. It was originally created by the T-Cogs to be a tool to make it easier for them to perform their tasks. T have time to maintain an AI anymore, they sent the AI-1 on several short missions, which is why it can act the way it does. T think like any of the other T-Cogs. It has become bored with its tasks and wants to play games and have adventures on its own. T have the resources nor the brains to upgrade and maintain the AI. If the robots who created the AI-1 could be rescued, they could give the AI-1 a good upgrade, then the machine would be able to function like any normal brain. Re being held in a factory complex near a T-Cog processing plant. You give the AI-1 a good upgradeSurely you can give the AI-1 a better computer, then it can play games and adventures on its own. Ll likely end up with a lot of them.

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