Capricorn, in a tight conjunction with the Sun, Mercury, and …

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This post about January 12th 2020

That combination does mean that we have an easy job this time. The first thing that I find is that the whole area has changed. You mean the place that used to be our headquarters. S still here, but the whole area around it has changed. The terrain is pretty much flat except for a few hills in the area. T look like it has any signs of battle damage. T look like they ever made any major changes to make it more defensible. S just been sitting here unused. As you and Diana talk, the sky has cleared up a bit. A few cloud formations start to form out of a bunch of little ones. Your attention is drawn to the clouds as they start to separate one from another. Ve got their own little world all their own. It takes a lot for man to accomplish such a feat. Yeah, maybe we should just drive right into it. Diana seems to be making a lot more sense than you did when you first left.

This article about January 12th 2020