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All shares that are officially owned by a company, are capital. The share symbol for a companys capital stock is usually C or in some cases C. Shares are usually divided into two equal shares, for the companys treasury and for its capital stock. Treasury shares, or shares issued by a company after it has paid dividends to its shareholders, are called I shares and are given out in certain situations, like when the company needs to raise capital. The capital stock are the shares that the company holds, but does not issue to its customers. So, to recap,Shares: Shares are divided into two equal shares, called treasury shares, and capital shares. Shares are worth more than dollars and cents, the capital stock shares are worth more than stocks. Stock: Stock shares are worth more than treasury shares. The first company I worked for had stock symbols like C and C. My employer was a company that had to raise capital, so those two stock symbols made more sense to their clients. In a small business, the stock symbol can also have significance. This symbolism may be based on the size of a company, or it can be entirely arbitrary, and thats why its good to know it.

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