Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is speaking to reporters about the crash of Ukraine …

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Re going to have to do more with less now, but we need to go through this thing as a nation and bring back our reputation. The next few days are busy, and very cold, but you find a few more places you can shoot. Re going to have to reschedule their interviews that day. The security guys are all sitting at a table eating and just talking amongst themselves. One of the guys looks up and sees you. He asks looking at the bar and then at the guys at the table and then back to you. Ve ever worked a job where you had to show up early in the morning. Ll give you a couple of extra hours and then dismiss you. The next day you show up early, but then get there late. Meanwhile the first crew member, who called security, has shown up before you. He gets a few nice pictures with his camera and then leaves.

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