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Ll find more information, plus other helpful advice in our new web site, by visiting: Thanks for your patience and understanding as we take this important step in our continued commitment to you and your family. Sincerely,Michael ChantilukeCEOCanada Savings BondsSincerely,Brian ONeilPresidentRBCI was in trouble with the bank, and the bank was in big trouble. I said to myself and I packed a bag without telling them why. M putting all my money in the bank. T take more than you can carry. S not like I got a car to drive to you. Not the station, you get off at the station, then go to the bank. T even realize that I had been holding my cash in my hand for two years, so I made a quick trip to the bank on foot, where I deposited the rest of the cash. When I got back to my house, my mother let me know that my father called in a panic. Suzy, did you see that TV report that got all the news stations talking. T want me running around with no cash anymore. Re not sure of what to say when Dad says that. He almost sounds a little angry or disappointed.

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