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You try to contact the InternetYeah, its the Internet, how hard can it be. You get a few phone numbers, and one of them is the number for Canada. You try to find out who that is, but its just a number for Canada. For your protection, do not leave a recorded message. You say Uh, do you know where to get a phone to talk to a professional. Uh, do you know where to get a phone to talk to a professional. I do not know how you got the phone number for Canada. I didnt really want to go to Canada, but then a man told me the code that he used and I thought I should try it out. I was wondering if I could call you back or something. There is no need to call back, as I will gladly connect you to your representative. Now then, I wonder if there is anything else that you would like to know about me. I dont understand a lot of what I am hearing at first. Do you speak any other languages. I dont understand anything you are sayingI dont want you to get angry with me; I dont want you to get angry at me. I guess I just dont understand why you are acting so weird about it. I mean, most of your colleagues are happy to talk to people from all over the world. Its not like you are being rude or anything. I just did one of my previous jobs in Japan with a woman who speaks perfect English. Its the fact that, I am using the language of another country and using it as a personal way of talking to you. The woman at this point turns off the radio and walks away from the phone. You were expecting her to pick it up and then speak to you in some fashion, but you are still waiting.

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