Can you see who views your Instagram?

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INSTAGRAM is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over one billion monthly users worldwide.

When there is a profile with your images for many people to see, it is natural for us to wonder who actually does see them.

Can you see who views your Instagram?

Unfortunately, you cannot get a list of accounts that viewed your Instagram profile.

Christine Pai, a spokesperson for Instagram's owners Meta, spoke to The Independent saying: "There is no way for Instagram users to see who is viewing their profile the most on Instagram.

"The only surface in which you can publicly see who is viewing your content is in IG stories."

So, there you go, it is confirmed that you cannot find out whether your crush is stalking you too or not.

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How to tell if someone viewed your Instagram

There are certain ways to tell if someone viewed your Instagram profile.

If you're talking to a person and they mention something from an old post maybe, it may hint that they viewed your profile.

Also, if they accidently like an old post and remove the like, you still receive a notification and that means that this person was going through your Instagram profile.

The same goes if you have a public profile and they follow you and remove the follow immediately.

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It might be that maybe they saw your profile in the 'People you may know' list and clicked the button by mistake.

It may also be that they were scrolling through your profile and they followed you by mistake.

If they remove the follow, the notification will still appear on your phone.

Can you see who unfollowed you on Instagram?

Instagram will not send you a notification if someone unfollows you.

You can find out if a person still follows you by going on their list of followers through their profile and search up your profile name.

If you're not there, they don't follow you anymore.

If you want to check whether someone who you don't follow back still follows you, if you go on their profile, and the follow button is not 'Follow back' anymore, then this means that they probably stopped following you.

If someone just followed you but it doesn't appear in the Instagram notifications bar anymore, then this means that they stopped following you.

Another way to find out who unfollowed lately is by downloading an app on your phone through your App Store or Play Store.

Search for apps such as Unfollowers on Instagram or See Who Unfollowed you on Instagram.

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Once you log in to these apps with your Instagram account, you can view who unfollowed you recently.

Some apps might require you to pay for certain features and some of them do come with a risk of having your account hacked, so be careful.

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