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YOU might want to get your car fixed but you have to take it somewhere else to do so and that means that you have to tow your vehicle.

Be aware thought that there are regulations on towing your car and you might get fined if you do not have all the documentation needed to prove that a vehicle is safe to be out on public roads.

Can I tow an untaxed car?

All cars must have vehicle tax paid in order for them to be driven on public roads.

If you're towing an untaxed car you might get fined.

This is because it is not ensured that your car is safe to be out on public roads and it may impose a danger to other drivers.

The person towing the car will be held accountable for such actions, and may be heavily charged if the car is in a poor or dangerous condition.

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You can check whether a car has road tax paid or whether it is registered as off the road (SORN) through the government website.

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Can I tow an uninsured car?

For a car to be allowed to touch its wheels with the road, it needs to be insured.

But just like driving an uninsured car is illegal, so is towing one.

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Despite its wheels not touching the road, this car may also be involved in an accident.

If the car is insured and involved in a road accident, then it will be protected, but if not then you can face big trouble.

Although a car is not being driven, it can still pose a danger to other drivers, so just like untaxed cars, uninsured vehicles cannot be towed either.

Can I use my car to tow another car?

Yes, you can, but it is recommended that the driver is highly qualified, especially the one in the broken down car.

One should drive slowly and steady to ensure safety and avoid any accidents, especially with other drivers.

If it is dark, the broken down car should have its lights turned on and whatever the situation, it should also have an "On Tow" sign stuck to the back of it.

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The vehicles should be separated by 4.5 metres and the rope or chain need to be clearly visible.

You cannot tow cars on the motorway, unless they have broken down there.

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