Can a full moon affect your mood

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Heres how your health can be affected by the moon. The moon affects our bodies and our health. Its phases affect my mood when I go out. M going to do with this month to go out. Its supposed to mess with my mood and give me a headache. M going to worry about it too much more. Ll just tell myself to stop overthinking things which is a problem I have with me lately. S my habit of over thinking things. M going to deal with it rather than over thinking it. This may sound odd, but I believe that over thinking a problem can be fatal. I feel like its going to be fatal in one way or another today. S what happened to me several times before. Ve got a bad feeling about any of this right now. Well maybe you can have a problem-solving night. T have time to do it properly in three months, or a year or whatever it isThe moons phases are a tricky thing to deal with. The phase of the full moon may have more of an effect than others. Re a strong person, but you should be able to cope. S a full moon, you may get really sick and you may wake up feeling like death itself has taken you. S probably best to take care of this problem tonight so you can go out and enjoy yourself. You make the effort and you manage to stay up until the sun. You also make sure to take care of the problem at.

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