By practicing corporate social responsibility, also called corporate citizenship, …

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You work under a better business ownerNo, you do not want your future with them at this point. Youve been living here for five years and you know enough about your situation to at the very least be wary enough at not to go under without having a fair shot at it. They wont give you a job, though obviously any kind of job is better than none. Their main reason, though is that youre determined, and while youre sure they arent entirely correct, theyre at least right about your willingness to risk yourself to prove yourself. The problem is, while theyre right that youre committed, you cant see how youd be good at this. You think you could take care of yourself, but after the first week, you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and not having a grasp of basic knowledge needed to operate a machine anymore. After two weeks of being stuck in the basement, and your previous working conditions, you start to feel that this isnt worth it anymore. You give them two more weeks to see if they respond to your last offer or if they stick to their guns. You figure you cant have it both ways and you have to go either way. You hear a pause on the other end of the phone before she answers. Yeah, I know that Im not getting a job here and Im also not sure if I want this place anymore, but I want to move on with my life. She says that with a lot of pain, but with a lot of hope in her voice. Youre surprised that she would be so willing to leave. Thank you for being honest with me, that is very helpful. I wasnt lying to you, though I do wonder about the direction your future career is going to go, if youre moving on. I know you are, but we need to talk. You feel somewhat reassured by her words. As the minutes pass you hear the door open again and that is when you know your time here is at an end. You move with the rest of your belongings and go to the door. Year 18This is a lot better than what this part of town used to be like.

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